If you’re planning on grabbing a sandwich from Wendy’s you might want to hold the lettuce. Actually, Wendy’s will hold the lettuce for you – the fast food chain is pulling lettuce off its shelves over possible E.coli contamination. People in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have reported getting sick after eating at Wendy’s.  The CDC […]

A car crashed in Nicholasville, KY around 2:30 pm, in front of a Wendy’s! Just imagine you’re getting a frosty & fries and KABOOM, a car is upside down in front of you… Well that isn’t the weirdest thing to happen. Two people get out of the car and claim they both been kidnapped but […]

This isn’t a trick: Wendy’s is giving out TREATS in the month of October! Every Friday in October, Wendy’s will throw in free food with the order of medium fries through their app. The free food changes each Friday: Dave’s Single, 10-piece nuggets, a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, and a Classic Chicken Sandwich. October also sees […]