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During an interview in Quebec, Celine Dion’s older sister Claudette Dion gave an update on Celine’s health.

She said, “I know she’s working hard. We’re all crossing our fingers, and I’m glad people are concerned, she is working hard, and we are confident that we will succeed. It can’t be a story like this.” Another source close to the singer said, “She has the best medical team money can buy, but things aren’t looking good. Her disease is incurable. And as hard she’s worked at it with doctors and therapists, she simply isn’t getting better. To be honest, she can barely move.”

Celine is battling a rare neurological disorder that affects one in a million people called Stiff Person Syndrome, which causes muscles to tense uncontrollably and leaves people like “human statues” as it locks the body into rigid positions, leaving them unable to walk or talk. The disorder has no cure, but treatment can slow down the progression.

Dion does have new music out on the ‘Love Again’ soundtrack.