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Miles Sanders was one of the biggest additions to the Panthers in free agency this offseason and some Panthers fans are already looking to replace him as the team’s starting running back before he has even played a game in the team’s uniform.

On Monday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Colts had given running back Jonathan Taylor permission to seek a trade following an offseason of turmoil when it comes to his contract situation. Immediately, pundits from all around the league began suggesting possible landing spots for the league’s leading roster from 2021. While the Panthers didn’t show up on any of those lists (in large part due to the Sanders acquisition), that didn’t stop Panther fans and even football analysts from trying to reconnect Taylor with his former head coach Frank Reich.

On Wednesday, Mac and Bone had simply had enough of these ideas from their fellow Panther fans. “We just traded Christian McCaffrey last season for a bunch of picks because Scott Fitterer and company came to the conclusion that it’s probably not worth it to be paying big money to a running back,” Mac explained. “Why would Scott Fitterer not all of a sudden want to give up a bunch of draft picks up, like the same amount that he got for McCaffrey, and them up for another running back and give him a big contract the following offseason?”

Bone strongly agrees with the idea being ludicrous. “It’s like people have forgotten Miles Sanders signed here in the offseason. I agree that it is a two back league, but you are not going to pay two backs that type of money. Teams don’t want to pay one back, but we want to pay two with draft collateral? That makes no sense.”

To hear their full comments, as well as Panthers long snapper JJ Jansen stopping by with the guys to talk about where things stand with the team after the 0-2 start to the preseason.

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