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Celebrity Sightings - Bauer-Griffin - 2004

Source: Bauer-Griffin / Getty

Britney Spears possibly injured herself with the knives she was twirling in a recent video and now has bandages on her thigh and lower back.

Britney posted a video wearing the same outfit on Monday (September 25), filming herself spinning around and clanging two butcher knives.

This time, she has new apparent injuries. Britney has new injuries on her upper thigh and lower back, but she doesn’t explain how she got them or why she has a white bandage around her arm.

As previously reported, Britney is fascinated with knives. After her conservatorship ended, safety recommendations were provided for her to keep knives away. Britney said the knives in Monday’s video were fake, but only after facing backlash for posting it.

They sounded real when she clanged them together. Do you think Britney is a danger to herself? Why or why not?