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Alex Murdaugh’s defense team has petitioned the South Carolina Supreme Court to prohibit Judge Newman from presiding over any future trial or any hearing involving Alex.

Former district attorney and former defense attorney John Snyder joins us to break down the defense’s reasons for wanting Judge Newman removed.

Joe McCulloch joins the podcast to discuss what might come next in the ever evolving Murdaugh saga. Joe says there is no blueprint for this case. It is very unusual and what the SC Supreme Court rules be watched by the entire country

Joe represents two of the jurors who were on Alex’s jury. Both of Joe’s clients have given affidavits to the defense in the jury tampering filing. He has been practicing law in SC since 1977 and currently is part of the McCulloch & Schillaci law firm.

Seton Tucker and Matt Harris have been covering all things Murdaugh since the double murder of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh in June of 2021.

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