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Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

It may be difficult to believe, but a ticket to Walt Disney World cost only $8 in 1978. But what may be even more difficult to believe is a man recently used one of those old tickets to get into the Magic Kingdom – and the ticket taker accepted it.

In a TikTok video that’s gone viral, Matthew Ables says he recently came across the 46-year-old ticket, which was even older than he is. “It’s been collecting dust since before I was born,” Ables says in the clip.

But since he couldn’t find an expiration date anywhere on the ticket, he decided to give it a try.

“I was getting nervous there because she started aggressively stamping all over the ticket booklet and then left,” Ables says of the Disney ticket taker.

His fears were dispelled, however, when she returned with a day-long pass to the park, Ables says. “I can’t believe this actually worked,” he adds.

A one-day ticket to Disney’s Magic Kingdom currently ranges from $109 to $164, depending on the day of the week, Disney officials confirm.

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