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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

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After spending decades in public service, Pat McCrory is still in the public eye at a different capacity. The North Carolina politician shared his experience of becoming a radio host with Axios Charlotte in an article published on Wednesday.

A rare behind-the-scene look of Charlotte’s top radio show details how the trio of McCrory, along with co-host Bo Thompson and producer John Moore have built a fun, innovative stand-up comedy take on the world of politics in the self-proclaimed “fastest two hours in radio.”

The article opens by saying, “Four years ago, Pat McCrory couldn’t find a job.” From there, it takes a dive through Pat’s gubernatorial loss in 2016, and how he ended up at WBT as one of the most successful on-air personalities in the station’s recent history.

As unconventional as it sounds, McCrory isn’t cut out for the role of a being a traditional broadcaster.

“Talking about something is not the same as doing something,” he told Axios Charlotte reporter Michael Graff. “You get stimuli from talking about it, whether it be over a podium or a microphone or a TV. But that ends quickly. I’m used to being part of the decision.”

McCrory has worked his way into the day-to-day hustle of being in the Ty Boyd studio at WBT, and even though his future is uncertain, the former Governor is able to live in the moment while soaking it all at the same time.

“You know, every 20-year-old thinks they have wisdom. Every generation thinks they invented sex and revolt. But then you get up in your 60s and think, ‘Wow, I didn’t know anything’”

The Pat McCroy Show with Bo Thompson’s rise to the top is nothing short of a stroke of poetic genius, going from No. 7 two years ago to a steady No. 1 for the past several months. McCory’s energy for the show guided by Thompson’s veteran experience as a host and award-winning broadcaster is a formula for greatness. The duo has worked seamlessly along with John Moore, who plays a significant part in the high-quality production incorporated into the show.

“There are days when I think he really, really loves this,” Thompson says. “And there are days when I think he really, really misses being in the governor’s mansion. Doing this show allows him to be in it in a different way.”

Many have speculated if “Mayor Pat” will make another run in Politics, but given his success in radio, not even McCrory himself can answer that question right now. As they say in the broadcast world, stay tuned for more.

Read the entire article from Axios Charlotte here.

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