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Meghan Trainor addressed working with T-Pain on ‘Been Like This’ and thanked him for his help by placing an ad in a newspaper in Atlanta.

T-Pain said, “This is the craziest thing that anybody’s ever done. Period. I have a song with Meghan Trainor—it just came out yesterday—and Meghan Trainor took out a full-page ad in the Atlanta newspaper to say thank you to me.”

He continued by showing the ad in the newspaper: “Look. It’s the actual freaking newspaper, bro. ‘This letter of appreciation is for the one and only T-Pain.

The first time I heard your music, I knew I had found my favorite artist of all time. Y

our musicality and lyrics blew my mind. Rhyming ‘Wisconsin’ and ‘mansion’ is expert-level songwriting and it motivated me to no end.'” He added, “Thank you for paving the way for not only me but an entire generation of music makers.

Thank you for changing the game and how songs are made.

Thank you for being the kindest, most humble hero.” Which T-Pain song is your favorite of all time?