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It’s tax season and if you’re lucky you’re in for a refund check! Are you wondering, “When will I get my 2021 income tax refund for my 2020 taxes?” Good news for you, the Internal Revenue Service started accepting and processing returns on Friday, February 12, 2021 for the 2020 tax year returns.

Check out the listed dates in the IRS tax refund direct deposit and mailed check schedule chart below to find out.

Wondering how much you’ll get back or have to pay this year? Click here for the tax return and refund calculator!

You’ll also want to take a couple things into consideration:

    • The dates below reflect when your return is accepted NOT when it is submitted.
    • Each bank processes direct deposits a bit differently so give or take a day or two from the refund dates listed below.
    • Filing during peak season can result in slightly longer waits.

If your date isn’t listed below you can enter your info here to see when to expect your refund.

If the IRS accepts your return by: Direct deposit could be sent as early as: Or your check could be mailed as early as:
February 12th February 23rd March 2nd
February 19th March 2nd March 9th
February 26th March 9th March 16th
March 5th March 16th March 23rd
March 12th March 23rd March 20th
March 19th March 30th April 6th
March 26th April 6th April 13th
April 2nd April 13th April 20th
April 9th April 20th April 27th
April 16th April 27th May 4th
April 23rd May 4th May 11th
April 30th May 11th May 18th


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