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Matt & Ramona 2021 Pumpkin Head Awards!

Oct 26th is National Pumpkin Day and today, Matt & Ramona honor people with pumpkin heads.

Matt Rhule: Head coach is the perfect title for the Carolina Panthers’ fearless leader. Matt obviously wore an  XXL helmet in his gridiron days. Hats off to his mom, Gloria, for what she had to go through to bring him into the world.

Larken Egleston: You can’t nominate Matt Rhule without giving a nod to the Charlotte City Council member who could be his twin.  Larken uses his big noggin to represents the Queen City’s District 1

Nick Wilson: Nick from our sister station Sports Radio WFNZ wears his ball cap on the very last notch… if he can fasten it at all.

Jon Wilson: Yes, we have two Wilsons on our list. If you watch Wilson’s World on WCCB you’ll see that in every segment the size of Jon’s pumpkin dwarfs the head size of EVERYBODY else in the shot.

Maureen O’Boyle: The prettiest pumpkin in our patch is one of WBTV News 3’s lead anchors.  Maureen’s head puts her in the big hat league in Charlotte and nationally on TV shows like A Current Affair and Extra.

Congratulations to this year’s winners.