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Thanksgiving Turkey

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it can be extremely stressful, especially if you are the host. Here are some tips on things you can get done ahead of time so the big day will be more enjoyable and stress-free. Pick your recipes – if you decide ahead of time what dishes you want to make, you can organize your shopping list, dishes to use, etc.

Get your turkey – Turkeys tend to sell out quickly so be sure and purchase it or order it early. Buy all your shelf stable goods – If you’ve already picked out your recipes then you know the ingredients you need. You can go ahead and save time by picking these up early.

Make your pie crust – pie crusts can be put into the freezer so go ahead and make it early. Order your meal – if you have decided to use a restaurant to cater your Thanksgiving meal, make sure you place the order well in advance to ensure they can accommodate.

Locate all your tools and tableware – find everything you will need to cook with and serve will so it’s ready to go.

Clean up – Clean out the refrigerator and pantry so you have room for all of your dinner items.

Eye the timeline – Compare what you are going to make with how soon you can make it. For example, Cranberry sauce can be make up to a week before Thanksgiving.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? What is your advice on how to have a stress-free holiday dinner?