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84 deaths related to Covid-19 in one day is a new high for North Carolina.  That number was recorded on Wednesday, December 1 according to information provided by the New York Times.  So far this week, the daily average number of Covid deaths in North Carolina is 41.  Comparing that to recent weeks, it is up significantly.  For instance, last week November 23-29 saw a daily average death rate of 31 per day, and the 2 weeks prior saw 33 and 29 respectively.

An alarming trend to be sure.  The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is urging residents to take personal responsibility and continue to follow guidelines of social distancing, wearing masks and staying home even though it is a particularly hard time of year to do so.

Even with news of vaccines shipping all over the country, it is important to understand that their distribution and effectiveness will take months to be realized. Until then, stay masked and stay home North Carolina.

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