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What exactly is body sculpting and does it work? Body sculpting may seem like an intimidating medical term, but it’s actually a non-surgical fat burning procedure celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jordyn Woods and Marlo Hampton swear by.

Celebrity medical esthetician Mikkie Tiquir’a has a long list of celebrity clients she provides body contouring services. The 28-year-old business owner became one of Atlanta’s most sought-after esthetician’s due her “unmatched, same day” body sculpting results that made her talk of the A.

Her regular customers include Karen Civil, Ming Lee, Marlo and all the cast from the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and New York franchises. “We pretty much handle their maintenance and sculpt everyone,” she said in an e-mail exchange.

So what exactly does a medical esthetician do? “We use machines to sculpt and use probes to melt the fat and sculpt you at the same time. Basically, you’re doing this without going under the knife, and burning the fat without getting cut open,” she explained.

On a daily basis, Tiquir’a consults with clients who want to looked snatched without going under the knife. She explains the service and examines their medical history to discern the best treatment.

“Clients have to drink plenty of water,” she said describing what occurs during a sculpting session. “We also recommend that you are active. Body contouring is the process of draining out your lymphatic, your feces and urine, so the more active the better drainage you’ll have.” From there, she recommends how many session she thinks the client will need with the average person needing about three-six sessions depending on how much fat the want to lose. So does it work? “The average client can spot a difference once they wake up. However, we say three-seven days for your drainage,” Tiquir’a confirmed.

Body sculpting isn’t the only service Tiquir’a performs at her Dream Body Studio in ATL

We have cellulite treatment and have a number of different services to help you meet your goal, a non surgical butt lift, laser lipo and cavitation and that sculpts your stomach. The non surgical body contouring technique uses the cavitation probe to sculpt your stomach and also burn fat. We’re targeting the fat cells, it’s specifically designed to target those fat cells, liquify them and once it liquifies,it’s going to drain out your lymphatic drainage system which is a natural reaction when there is waste in the body. Clients only have to drink a lot of water before and after the procedure to make sure everything drains out completely.  

Since the pandemic, she pivoted to offering at-home services, and created a mini at home fat burner machine.  “Instead of coming into the facility during quarantine we had the idea to bring it to our customers’ homes. This machine is a smaller machine similar to the one in our office. It’s not as powerful, however every time you use it you’ll see results. Basically, it’s doing the same method– burning the fat and sculpting your stomach at the same time. So it comes with an instruction manual that tells the customer how to use the mini fat burner machine at home. Once they sculpt, they will continue to see results at home. It’s definitely something they can use every three days for maintenance instead of having to come into the office so frequently. The mini fat burner machine costs $250. It’s very cute, light, and it’s operated by plugging it into an outlet. It lasts about a year depending on how much one uses it.”

Tiquir’a found success with her mini home fat burner, which she said sells out everyday. “The pandemic worked in our favor surprisingly. The mini home fat burner sold out actually everyday. Our offices were closed for a couple of months however, but I am very grateful that my business maintained afloat during these trying times.”

With the holidays upon us, we’ve all put on a few extra pounds on top of the extra pounds we put on just being home during the pandemic. Here’s six quick tips from Tiquir’a on how you can also shed some quick weight at home. 

  • Juicing, I eat an apple everyday. If you’re trying to reach a certain weight goal, then I definitely recommend a three day cleanse. You’re going to feel better and look better. 
  • Our fat burner pills. I recommend everyone takes them especially during the holidays. The pills are going to help you burn fat, give you energy and suppress your appetite. They’re all natural, and you take two at a time. You’ll still eat but not as crazy. 
  • Light exercise and staying active of course. 
  • Our mini fat burner is perfect for the holidays. So when you put on the weight you can wait til the next day drink plenty of water and use the mini fat burner machine.  
  • Waist training is what helps to maintain your waist. If you have on your waist trainer you’re not going to eat as much and you’re also maintaining where you’re at. 
  • Water is the main thing. Drink a lot of water. 

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