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Source: VALERIE MACON / Getty

Fans of both Underwood and Clarkson have claimed that there’s been beef between them, and now many want to know if those rumors are true.

Over the years, Underwood and Clarkson have been pitted against each other several times and many outlets have claimed that this has caused a feud between them.

The rumors date back to 2016 when an alleged source told Radar Online that Underwood “threw a fit” after Clarkson was asked to perform a solo on American Idol over her.

At the time, the alleged source said, “Carrie caused serious drama with the final production of the show because she flipped out that she was stuck doing a duet [with Keith Urban] when she has a tour and so many things to promote right now.”

A year later, another source claimed that Underwood was upset that Clarkson was picked to be a coach on The Voice.

“Carrie was jealous Kelly got a coaching gig on The Voice that she thought should’ve been hers, and Kelly’s always been jealous that Carrie’s the bestselling idol to come out of Idol.”

Have you ever been pitted against someone so much that it caused bad blood between you?