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CMT Artists of the Year, Show, Nashville, USA - 18 Oct 2017

Source: Variety / Getty

Lance Bass reportedly claims that The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC would love to do a massive stadium tour together. Bass said, “It’s fun to think about.” He continued, “I would say to fans, don’t give too much hope into it. It would take a lot to convince some of the guys to do something like that.” He added, “A lot of the guys are very purist and think *NSYNC is only these five guys. It just doesn’t seem right. A lot of convincing needs to happen in order for that to work. But I mean, never say never. Who knows.”  Bass continued, “I think it’s boring just doing something by yourself. I could never be a solo artist. Joining those four guys on the stage is just my favorite thing in the world. I love that, and being able to see the fans and the reaction, it’s something you can’t describe.”

Which tour do you think is more likely to happen? A Backstreet Boys & NSYNC tour? OR A Destiny’s Child Reunion tour?