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Matthew McConaughey recently revealed more about his new Yellowstone spinoff and how he feels about the new series.

McConaughey said, “To go have some structure like, ‘I got a call time, I’ve got lines, I’ve got scenes, I’ve got a character.’ This sounds like a vacation right now to me.”

He continued, “The last few years, I had a really wonderful time getting rid of a lot of those filters that come with acting.”

He added, “I am now becoming more interested in actually going to play another character in a movie or a TV show because all of the last four years of culminating and writing and getting these things together and getting more into some public service.

The idea of going to act in the right role or the right movie, film, or series right now, I’ll be a different or improved actor in my own right after these last three years.”

Where do you rank Matthew McConaughey on the list of greatest actors of all time?