As we transition out of spooky season, Matt regales us with the tale of his college girlfriend with supernatural powers (and yes, I do mean the double entendre there) who stalked and spooked and probably made a voodoo doll version of Matt. Hear all about the spell she put on him by listening to the […]

As Daylight Saving Time comes to an end on November 5th, Dr. Rajkumar Dasgupta warns that the time change can have a significant impact on our health. For some people, the time change can trigger cluster headaches, which can occur every day for six to eight weeks. The portion of the brain that manages our […]

It’s always a good idea to be mindful of the words you use on any social media site, right? And especially LinkedIn because it’s the most professional of sites, no? Well, not so fast. If you use the word “single,” you might get singled out. The ep also delves into the pet rat medical problems […]

It’s another busy week in the Queen City. From a popular trio of brothers taking the stage at Spectrum Center to the Panthers second home game of the season, there’s plenty to do. Let’s start with those very popular performing brothers. It’s the Jonas Brothers making their tour stop in Charlotte on Saturday, September 30th […]

Brandi, the mom to Wren Jansen, an all-too young pediatric cancer survivor, stopped by The Morning Mix with Matt Harris & Friends. Riding shotgun was her good friend and all around supporter, Shannon. The overly entertaining pair came in to talk about the work they’re doing for Wren’s Village and they’re upcoming 80’s prom. in […]

Saturday marks the opening of college football season with two games being played separately in Charlotte (more on that in a moment) and one of those games is the Dukes Mayo Classic. In the ultimate pregame maneuver, ESPN’s early morning College GameDay has chosen to broadcast from Uptown in advance of the Gamecocks playing the […]


Cruise LLC, a driverless rideshare company, is testing its vehicles in Charlotte as part of its plans for the city. The tests are taking place in multiple districts, with a driver behind the wheel at all times. You may see some of the vehicles around uptown this weekend. The tests are being used to gather […]

Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire Ramona was asked by Matt several thrift-store-expert-level questions and she (and her knowledge) did not disappoint. Hear her answer with aplomb about what it takes to find a deal and how good she is at it. In Ramona’s Reality Room, she talked about making a cautious foray into the dating world. And […]


Whitney Houston’s 60th birthday was Wednesday (August 9), and the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame planned a celebration. Houston, a 2020 Rock Hall inductee, has a new artifact on display in the music museum. Houston’s self-designed red jacket, created with fashion designer Marc Bouwer, is now on display in the Legends of Rock exhibit. […]

Minor League Baseball doesn’t get a lot wrong as evidenced by their wholesome atmospheres, family-friendly activities (and prices) and fun-fueled themes. The Charlotte Knights are a prime example of this. They have themed (k)nights, turn their stadium over to a Christmas Village and hosted SkyShow for the Fourth of July. Well, the Kannapolis Cannonballers got […]