The Morning Mix

Yet another surprise baby born in a restaurant bathroom, married women with kids get the snub from girls trips, and we discover Liz’s geographical shortcomings. All this and more on The Morning Mix with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.

Mascot fears, backwards pants, Father’s Day gifts, PLUS Ashley Anderson and Ramona’s Reality Room, on a Thursday edition of The Morning Mix with Matt and Liz.

The hot dog champ is disqualified, more first date questions, and we get to know The Morning Mix crew. Liz gives us a history lesson in Liz and how she became part of the show. To hear more of Liz’s story, check out the video below.

On a Monday edition of The Morning Mix, Liz spent the weekend searching for her lost car at Taste of Charlotte, Swifties are going to bible schoool, and much more.   Tune in 6am-10am daily to the Morning Mix with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.

Do your in laws leave you out of the picture? Is your algorithm surprising to you? This and more on a Friday edition of the Morning Mix with Matt and Liz!

Danny Devito fights for love, competitive sides come to the surface, and being haunted by brows of days past. This and more on a Thursday edition of The Morning Mix with Matt, Liz, and Ashley.

Ground beef stress balls, kids addicted to coffee, and more on The Morning Mix Podcast with Matt Harris and Liz Luda.


People get better with age, and yet there’s this silly obsession with youth, particularly for women. In a new survey, the average woman says they start feeling pressure to look younger at the age of 39.  And one in four admit that seeing younger women in ads for beauty products makes them wish they were […]


Charles Esten, one of the stars of the Netflix Show, Outer Banks joined Matt and Liz to spill the tea on the hit show. Esten will joine Matt and Liz for Outer Banks Night with the Thursday, May 30. Esten will be at Neighborhood Theater Friday May 31 Esten played the role of […]


A new survey asked people if they feel more POSITIVE or NEGATIVE as they age . . . and 18% of people say their mood has become a LOT more positive as they’ve aged, and 26% more say they’re generally more positive. Only 5% say they feel like they’re becoming a LOT more negative with […]