Murdaugh Citizen Sleuths Discuss Social Media & True Crime Danielle Renea has been involved in the true crime genre for more than a decade. Aubrey Dempsey became involved after the murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. They discuss the role of social media in true crime and how they handled the Murdaugh frenzy. Danielle and […]

Matt brought The Morning Mix’s attention to toe wrestling. We basically “there, there’d” him and thought it would pass. But it didn’t. He challenged Mac, from Sportsradio 92.7 WFNZ, to a toe wrestling challenge. The match will take place on Friday, July 14th. However. There was a weigh-in prior to the event. Hear even more […]

Welcome in to the latest Off Air Podcast. Matt attended the University of South Carolina’s orientation with his college-bound daughter. He embarrassed her exactly as much as you’d expect. And in Ramona’s Reality Room, she told a tale of a thrift store stop that went sideways all because of a can of water. Listen, laugh […]


Episode 131, What Is It Like For A Son Whose Father Murdered His Mother This episode is fascinating. There are only a handful of people who can relate, even a little bit, to what Buster Murdaugh is going through. Collier Landry was 11 years old when his father killed his mother. Collier tells us the […]

We start with Ramona’s Reality Room where we discuss whether you close your blinds. Ramona think’s it could be a cultural divide. Matt thinks it’s a nudity divide. Also! Are Are things that are sexy also disgusting? We tend to think they’re mutually exclusive but not Matt. Listen to the list of things he found […]

A lot was covered on a very special Friday episode of the Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast. Ramona’s Reality Room introduces Hot Dad Summer which is the next door neighbor of Dad Bod Summer. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate both? Also, Ramona was today years old when she learned all the things she can […]

On Thursdays we get a double dose of Ramona as she visits The Morning Mix with Matt Harris & Friends and then she joins the podcast. Today’s pod includes a journey gone wild (and possible kidnapping) when a friend of Ramona’s took two Dementia patients on a delightful trip. But maybe without permission. Then Matt […]

While Ramona’s mid-move, Matt and Liz each had to change their addresses within the last year. And they were ensorcelled by the post office’s feature… You can have pictures of the mail in your mailbox e-mailed to you. Ramona seems dubious. But she also might be in a blood feud with a customer service agent […]


Matt Harris and Seton Tucker have been covering all things Alex Murdaugh for two years. This episode is called A Battle in Satterfield Case and Michael DeWitt on Wicked Hampton County.   Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter battle Alex Murdaugh’s team over the Gloria Satterfield insurance money. Plus, journalist/Writer/Historian Michael DeWitt has a new book […]

Losing your keys can happen all the time. We’re not worried about that. It becomes a problem when Ramona refuses to embrace the new styles of door locks and keypads that exist. Her situation was so dire even the locksmith said he couldn’t help her. On a more somber note, Matt told us his family’s […]