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Impact of Influence Podcast, Questions Remain In Shanquella Robinson Case, Her Father Speaks Out

On October 28, 2022, Shanquella Robinson traveled with 6 people to Cabo, Mexico for vacation. The next day she was pronounced dead in her vacation villa.

The first reports were that she died of alcohol poisoning.

Then an autopsy from Mexico listed her cause of death as violent and with severe neck and spinal injuries.

Her death became even more complicated when a video surfaced of Shanquella being savagely beaten by one of her trip mates at some point during her 24 hour stay in Cabo.

The most recent development,  An autopsy of Shanquella Robinson conducted in Charlotte on November 17, 2022, found Robinson’s spine intact, contradicting past claims of Mexican authorities who had initially said Robinson’s spine was broken

Will the alleged perpetrator of Shanqulla’s beating see justice?

If anyone had a role in her death will they be extradited to Mexico?

What happened in that Cabo villa in October of 2022?

Bernard Robinson, Shanquella’s father, gives an update in a raw, honest and open interview.

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