Just imagine you have to help the public 24/7. You’re around death and disease all the time. You’re eventually going to have to crack a few jokes and make some slang to cut through it all.  The sense of humor a doctor is probably dark and here are some slang words, acronyms and phrases that […]


While these seem pretty extreme given how relaxed the U.S. response to the omicron variant has been, it's nothing compared to how Chinese authorities were allegedly caught on video basically kidnapping citizens who they thought were infected with Covid

Do you remember the fight Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield? It was an ear biting ICONIC moment in sports history! Tyson is now going to get the moment fired up again in the cannabis business! The legendary boxer has used his retirement well to stay relevant thru movies, tv appearances and now selling legal weed. […]

That scary bridge Scooby-Doo has to cross, Ramona wasn’t have that on this episode of OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona! Jinkies! Ramona went outside for the weekend and there was danger at every corner! Matt thinks she’s ludicrous and we’re not talking the rapper! We were born to be wild on this episode of […]

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day which is this Thursday, a new list of the best Pubs with the  Irish food and drinks in each state has just been released. A few notable on the list include, The Auld Dubliner in Long Beach California, serving traditional hame and cabbage, Guinness beef stew, and $5 […]

  Iodine is one of those minerals we don’t think too much about, but we should. The body needs it to produce the thyroid hormone. A couple of good questions to ask is how MUCH iodine is enough and how much is TOO much? That would depend on a few variables such as the source […]

ATLANTA – A stoppage-time winner from Jake Mulraney in the 96th minute broke a 1-1 tie as Atlanta United crushed Charlotte FC’s hopes for their first point as a club with a 2-1 defeat on Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Mulraney’s strike past a deflection off Charlotte defender Christian Makoun found the back of the net […]

Lizzo took to Instagram to serve a look in a colorful mini dress by Kim Shui.

Have you ever missed out on $13K by eating something? Welp this young man did and it’s BITTERSWEET!  A 21 Year Old student, studying in the UK, just wanted a small treat so he wanted to try something different. He never in his life had a Cadbury Creme Egg in his life. He thought it […]

Have you ever bought something that you saw on TV only for the product to not work like you thought it would? Matt and Ramona has and on this episode of the OFF AIR Podcast you’ll hear about some of the worst infomercials ever and a silly story of yours truly, Matt Harris. Join us […]