Matt found a study about what gets overshared on social media and he expressed his rules for how couples can post that they love each other. It will not surprise you that Ramona and JD invite all the social media proclamations of love and public displays of affection. As well as every possible picture of […]

In a new poll, 51% of pet owners say they think they could sell merchandise of their pet to other people.  And 33% of pet owners have ALREADY designed their own pet “merch.” That may seem high . . . and delusional . . . but 36% of pet owners have set up dedicated social […]

Customers used to shopping at higher-end stores to get the latest Michael Kors bags will now see the designer goods sold at Walmart. Not only are they available at the retail giant but they are drastically more affordable. Some bags usually priced at $378 come up as $75 at Walmart registers. If you’re so inclined, […]

Do you miss seeing Cam Newton dabbing on the field and dabbling in eye-catching fashion off the field? He spent all of last season unsigned, but there’s a chance that he might make a comeback. In typical style, the former #1 quarterback of the Carolina Panthers used a hype video to announce that he would […]

A few weeks ago, Ed Sheeran announced his upcoming album. He took to social media teasing the track list and samples of the new music. Sheeran explained that the lyrics came to him during a very dark time after his wife’s health scare. He was also grieving the sudden loss of his best friend, Jamal […]

New tenants are expected to move into the Queen City Quarter, previously named The Epicentre. The Epicentre was known for its nightlife scene but became a ghost town at the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic. The property went through foreclosure before real estate investment firm CBRE bought it out last year. The new managers gave […]

Justin Timberlake hasn’t released any new music, but he has just made his debut in Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Justin, who has not been named an ambassador of the company but a “friend of the house,” shows off his modeling skills in a new campaign that features “Pumpkins, colorful faces, flowers, […]

Amazon is once again preparing for layoffs. The e-commerce company announced on Monday that 9,000 employees are expected to be laid off. This comes after the 18,000 job cuts made by the company in January. Amazon’s chief executive, Andy Jassy, said in a letter to workers that the company had added a substantial amount of […]

Two interviews, one podcast… Recently some star power joined Matt & Ramona. Frontman for Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas joined the show. The band plays at PNC Pavilion on Tuesday, July 11. Listen daily to hear your chance to call in and win tickets to the concert. The hosts also spent time with Gastonia resident and […]

What’s the top thing people OVERSHARE on social media?  A new poll looked into it, and the top answer probably won’t surprise you.  But the rest are interesting.  Here are the top ten things we overshare . . . 1.  Political views.  53% of us think people overshare about politics. 2.  Mundane daily life.  Like […]