"To call our system of government racist, that is an untruth as far as I'm concerned. I truly believe that is an untruth as far as history is concerned and it does a disservice to our students. It puts the idea in the mind of our children that they live in a nation that has promoted racism," Robinson said at the time.

One person who strongly disagrees with Cooper's assessment of the state's current education model is Steve Oreskovic. The 25-year veteran middle school teacher, co-chair of the CMS Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Council and member of the CMS Metrics Committee joined WBT's Bo Thompson Morning Show to give his perspective on state officials pushing to reopen schools for in-person instruction. 

"We're pushing for choice," Rebecca Ivanov told WBT's Bo Thompson on Tuesday. "And a lot of people have signed up for Plan B, we were patient in August and saying "Okay, they're going to wait until the data comes out." Now here we are over 100 days into school. You've got surrounding counties that have been operating."

The proposal would still give parents the all-virtual option for their child, but also gives them the choice to send them to school. It would still require passage through the House and Senate before going to Gov. Roy Cooper's desk, who would like districts to remain fully remote.  

A policy that took effect Jan. 1 after the DMV said that, "The license plates bearing the Confederate battle flag have the potential to offend those who view them. We have therefore concluded that display of the Confederate battle flag is inappropriate for display on specialty license plates, which remain property of the state.”

It happened 61 years ago today. A group of four North Carolina A&T freshmen took a stand against racism and forever changed history.  Ezell Blair, Jr., Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil and David Richmond walked into downtown Greensboro around 4:30 p.m. and "sat-in" at the "whites only" lunch counter at F.W. Woolworth’s store.

Stephen Maury Baker was taken into custody and had his initial court appearance on Monday, according to the FBI. Baker becomes the third man from the Carolinas charged in connection to the riots. Christopher Raphael Spencer of Pilot Mountain, N.C. was taken into custody without incident by special agents two weeks ago.

Diamond had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in early January 2021.

Jennifer King made headlines and history when she became the first Black woman assistant coach in the NFL. She's bringing her football knowledge and fly style to the game.

Dustin Diamond, best known for playing Samuel "Screech" Powers on the hit show "Saved by the Bell," has died after...

Rice was among ten Republican representatives who joined Democrats to impeach Trump for his role in the violence a earlier at the U.S. Capitol. A Senate trial is expected to start next week.