There are so many things Riley has to look forward to that she can be excited about, and she hopes to help bring cheer to others through her Straight Talk Wireless partnership. She shared her partnership, new projects, her husband-to-be, and tips on sliding in the DMs.

Regina King has instilled in her son the key to ageless skin.


The Currys are coming through in the clutch for kids in the Oakland school system.

The 19-year-old revealed the "end of an era" for her hair and also revealed she's preparing to release a new album in 2021.

Dena Diorio wants you to stay home for Christmas, but has different plans for herself this holiday season. The Mecklenburg County Manager in North Carolina said she would be traveling across the state to see loved ones, despite asking other residents celebrate with those in their own household.


The legendary vocalist has proven to be savvy with social media and she reportedly spoke with Taylor about the idea of a potential series.

Billboard's Woman of the Year is now debuting with her very own show with Facebook Messenger that is sure to show the rapper's authenticity even more.

Though doing things virtually can't replace the love and hugs from your family and friends, with the help of technology you can still send your love with a virtual gift.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute defines cholesterol as a, “waxy, fat-like substance,” located in every cell of your blood. It is necessary for your body to function properly and aids in the body’s digestion, provides a protective barrier for every cell, manufactures testosterone in men and estrogen in women, and much more. Cholesterol […]


Many Star Wars fans felt for years that Boba Fett didn't get the respect he deserved. The iconic intergalactic bounty hunter is finally getting his late flowers in the form of his own show.