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Zillow has released its highly anticipated forecast for the hottest housing markets of 2024. 

The annual compilation considers various factors, including forecast home value growth, recent housing market trends, labor market projections, home construction activity, and the number of homeowner households. This year’s forecast highlights a concentration of hot markets in the Midwest, Great Lakes region, and the South.

The comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into the factors shaping real estate dynamics across major metropolitan areas, offering both homebuyers and industry professionals a glimpse into the evolving landscape of the housing market in the coming year.

Check out the Zillow’s Top 10 Hottest Housing Markets of 2024 below:

Zillow Names Hottest Housing Markets of 2024: Charlotte Among Top 10  was originally published on

1. Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH Source:Getty

2. Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH Source:Getty

3. Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana Source:Getty

4. Providence, RI

Providence, RI Source:Getty

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia Source:Getty

6. Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC Source:Getty

7. Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH Source:Getty

8. Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL Source:Getty

9. Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida Source:Getty