Eminem is gracing the cover of the new XXL magazine.  First the first time ever, he writes his own story for the outlet.  He talks about his 20-plus years in the industry, his trials and tribulations, and more.  He also touches on his battle with addiction.  In his story, he says, “I want to do […]

  Sugar is EVERYWHERE and it is highly addictive and destructive. Sugar destroys the immune system and actually feeds cancer cells and other diseases.  Do you even know the actual amount of sugar you consume each day? Holly Haze lets you in on some secrets. “Sugars are added to most foods on the shelves and […]

    On a recent visit to Red Table Talk, Kelly Osbourne gets candid about relapsing and her struggles with addiction.  She talked about how she became addicted at a young age, saying, “I kept getting sick and I had a really bad case of tonsillitis, they ended up having to give me some crazy […]

  As promised in my last health post, I am circling back around on a topic that is super important! The word ‘pandemic’ has been in everyone’s vocabulary for the past year or more, yet for decades we don’t look at the EPIdemic right in front of our faces. The OBESITY epidemic. Of course we […]