The Bubble Guts. We’ve all fallen victim to it but on this episode OFF AIR with Matt & Ramona, Ramona had a date who’s stomach wasn’t acting so friendly to him. Instead of Ramona making the man feel better about the situation, she says “Better safe that soiled”. MA’AM!!! Plus Matt has a disgusting disposable […]

Here’s what you missed on Matt & Ramona Mornings! Mattman only hands out hugs once a year and that’s only if he really likes you! The Quad cracks up at Matt’s behind the hug giving and the awkwardness it comes with. We’ll talk to you tomorrow, bright and early from 6a-10a on the NEW MIX1079!

To our surprise Matt Harris, as clever and witty as he is, does not tell jokes! Shocking right? Welp! We’ve got you covered on National Tell A Joke Day! Now, we’re not Bernie Mac or Jerry Sienfield, but we’ve got some of the best Dad jokes that the internet has to offer. We do warn […]