Spider-Man Pre-Sale Crashes Websites Tickets for the next Spider-Man film went on sale today and it’s safe to say, fans are ready to flock back to the theaters to see your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.  As a matter of fact, the demand was so high that pre-sales caused AMC and Fandango websites to crash. An NFT release […]

  ‘Hawkeye’ Has a Premiere Date Hawkeye is set to have a super-size premiere on Disney Plus. It’s just been announced that when the Marvel series premieres on November 24 there will be two episodes.  Jeremy Renner will be back as the arrow-throwing Avenger and Hailee Steinfeld will join him as the newest Hawkeye, Kate […]

  Michael Keaton’s Bat-Suit Still Fits Michael Keaton recently told Stephen Colbert that his bat suit still fits 30 years later.  “Svelte as ever,” he said while talking about the suit. He also added, “Same dimensions. Same fitting.” Keaton last played Batman in Batman Returns in 1992. He will reprise his role for the upcoming movie […]

  Disney and Scarlett Johansson have reached a settlement over Black Widow. In a joint statement, Disney and Johansson revealed that the issue was settled out of court.  Johansson and Disney fell out after the release of her standalone Black Widow film over pay. Her contract was done pre-COVID when the film was just set […]

Marvel studios has hinted at making a name change to one of its very popular franchises. They are considering dropping ‘men’ from X-Men. The reason is the title is not inclusive enough. One of the Presidents at Marvel Studios said, I don’t know where the future is going. It’s funny that people call it the ‘X-Men’ […]

    A fire erupted at a complex building that was about to take over this family’s home. Their family pit bull came to the rescue of their 7-month-old baby after the dog was barking and trying to pull the baby by her diaper to safety. The mother said their dog kept banging on the […]