Do you remember the fight Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield? It was an ear biting ICONIC moment in sports history! Tyson is now going to get the moment fired up again in the cannabis business! The legendary boxer has used his retirement well to stay relevant thru movies, tv appearances and now selling legal weed. […]

Have you ever missed out on $13K by eating something? Welp this young man did and it’s BITTERSWEET!  A 21 Year Old student, studying in the UK, just wanted a small treat so he wanted to try something different. He never in his life had a Cadbury Creme Egg in his life. He thought it […]

Who doesn’t leftovers? You have you favorite meal from your favorite restaurant or something you cooked. It’s day 2 and there it is for to taste it’s scrumptiousness again! But! When is it too late to have those leftovers again? A 19 year student ate some leftovers that were left over a little too long! […]

If you binged the phenom of a series, Squid Game, like the rest of the world then you might be interesting in playing the game in real life! Riyadh is offering the experience of a lifetime to natives and global citizens to come and play! They’ve recreated the set and games of Squid Game and […]

A car crashed in Nicholasville, KY around 2:30 pm, in front of a Wendy’s! Just imagine you’re getting a frosty & fries and KABOOM, a car is upside down in front of you… Well that isn’t the weirdest thing to happen. Two people get out of the car and claim they both been kidnapped but […]

Magnet Fishing? Ever done it! Well this Florida boy went with his grandpa… and on their first time found 2 Sniper rifles after just 5 minutes in trying this new grandpa/grandson hobby. The rifles weren’t loaded but the serial number were scrapped off. The police were called and the rifles were taking into evidence to […]

#NEWSNUT w/ Matt Harris   A Captain in the military was taking a flight with the Spirit and asked for his discount… he was flabbergasted that no one believed him! Well.. it’s because he said he was in the SPACE FORCE. The story with the employee continuing to not believe. So much that they had […]

Only In ALABAMA! Mickey Paulk was arrested back in 2019 for the odds crime you’ll hear about it. Authorities received a tip that Paulk was keeping a ‘meth-fueled’ attack SQUIRREL! Excuse us? Who and why does anyone NEED a ‘meth-fueled’ attck SQUIRREL! Paulk says “The public isn’t in danger from the methed-out squirrel in the […]