Meet our Furry Friday Friends of the Week! This mama and her babies are available through Pits and Giggles! This pretty little pitty was shot. (Yes you read that right…😭) The bullet went through her back leg and then into her front leg, where it struck bone and fractured. Animal Control picked her up and […]

  Dr. Anthony Fauci is facing a demand from lawmakers to divulge information regarding the alleged use of an experimental drug on puppies. Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers sent a letter Friday to President Biden and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases requesting that they share information regarding the alleged infection of 44 […]

  Do you name your pets or do the pets name themselves with their personality? When we read books, we often hear dogs referred to as Rover & Spot, but I have never met a dog by those names, or a cat named Fluffy. What have you named your animals? Do you use people or […]