According to, over HALF of the human population is using a form of social media. That means there’s a high likelihood of potential fraud and scams on these platforms. That said, these are the top social media scams to look out for, according to Security Boulevard: 1) Lottery and gift card scams 2) Executive […]

Matt And Ramona: Off Air

In the latest Matt & Ramona Off Air Podcast, Matt exposes a street violinist scam. There is a national scam going on involving people pretending to play the violin to get money from good samaritans. We discuss what is happening, and where, in the Charlotte area, the fake violin virtuosos have been spotted.   Also; […]


While Amazon Prime Day may offer good deals for consumers, it also ups the ante for criminals conducting scams and phishing attacks, authorities say. The scams began early Tuesday as the two-day event got underway, with hundreds of thousands of bogus emails that claimed to be from Amazon arriving in in-boxes all over the country, […]

If you’ve been on Netflix in the past month, you undoubtedly saw the trailer, if not the entire series of Inventing Anna. Well the real Anna Delvey has finally gotten around to watching the Netflix show based on her antics. And she’s saying that she wasn’t as bossy as the show made her seem.  Julia […]

  Here is something to consider before you lend your phone to a stranger. Rob Gilliam of Charlotte (NC) is out almost $45 hundred after lending his phone to a stranger in a bar. Most people will let someone use their phone out of kindness, but this may make people think twice. Apps are so […]