Etiquette experts discussed what are the rudest things you can do at a baby shower. Here are five off the list. Embarrassing the Honoree: “Remember it’s a baby shower, not a roast” Getting Drunk: Don’t get wasted! Don’t Share ChildBirth Horror Stories: “Avoid stories about difficult deliveries and hard labor issues” Going Off-Registry: “The new […]

  A few months back, Holly Haze did a great blog about our largest organ: the skin. She explained the importance of really being mindful of what you put on your skin and ultimately into your blood stream. Holly dives right in…”Yes, this is the time of year that everyone starts flooding places with the […]

Kids do the darnest things! A Mom is now explain herself after her toddler broadcast all of her goodies on Instagram. And NOW her daughter’s boo boo has made her viral on TikTok! Check out all the whole funny situation here and get a good laugh!