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Virginia Tech v Tennessee

Source: Michael Shroyer / Getty

The advent of the college football season means the leaves are about to turn, the air is about to change and pumpkin spice lattes will assert their Fall dominance.

Even if you don’t have a favorite college football team, the pageantry of the sport is something to behold. And for the opening week of the 2023 season, you can behold it here!!!

College Gameday is a long-running pre-game show that airs Saturdays at 10am heading into all of ESPN’s college football programming. It first aired in 1987.

With it’s catchy theme song, popular sportscasters and guest pickers, it is a gem of a show that culminates in former college coach Lee Corso donning a mascot head to pick a potential gamewinner.

On Saturday, September 2nd they’ll descend on Bank of America Stadium and build their temporary stadium prior to the UNC-Chapel Hill vs. South Carolina game.

Fan signs are not required but they are definitely encouraged in the zaniness of it all.

See you there!