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People go into a frenzy of looking like a Barbie

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Thanks To ‘Barbie’ Movie The beauty world is experiencing a Barbie revolution as consumers embrace Barbie-pink nail art and “Barbie blonde” hair color.

Fresha, “the leading marketplace and booking software for the beauty industry,” has seen a dramatic increase in these “Barbie-related bookings” recently, including an 83% increase between June 19 and July 19 for the pink nail coloring and pink and platinum-blond hair dye treatments.

Google Trends data shows a remarkable 323% surge in “Barbie” searches from July 2022 to July 2023, and the #barbie hashtag has taken off on TikTok with over 3 million posts in the past 30 days.

Have you ever used a movie or TV show to inspire your style? If so, which TV Show or movie?