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Source: GABRIEL BOUYS / Getty

Katy Perry is revealing where she’s at in the process of writing new songs.  “I haven’t put any new material out since my darling Daisy,” Perry said, referring to her daughter with Orlando Bloom. “I think that I’m writing a lot and have written a lot from a place of love because I’m feeling so much of it — so much unconditional love, that love you never knew existed.”  Perry describes the new music as “light and bright.” The singer told Rolling Stone last year that she was “never not” writing and that becoming a mother was influencing a lot of her songwriting.   “For me, it’s definitely been the most profound, to be able to go through that and just that feeling of love that I’ve always been searching for.”

Perry added that after her residency comes to an end, she hopes to hit the road again and do so with new music.  What is your favorite track by Katy so far?