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Many people in Hollywood are arguing that Jamie Foxx didn’t need to apologize for his contentious social media post, which is causing a heated controversy.

Jamie’s IG caused controversy, particularly among those who believed Jamie’s comment to be antisemitic because, on the surface, it appeared to refer to a myth that Jews were to blame for the killing of Jesus Christ.

At least, that’s how many did. Jennifer Aniston distanced herself from Jamie’s post, which she seemed to admire, amid the growing criticism.

A lot of people believe Jamie was coerced into an apology that wasn’t even needed, as some are contending that his language wasn’t in any way directed at Jews.

Eventually, Jamie claimed he was sorry and that he had intended no damage. The reason is that many people, including many celebrities, are defending Jamie and bemoaning the fact that he appeared to be coerced into a clarification.

This comes down to cultural differences. Winnie Harlow, Waka Flocka, Jay Pharoah, and other well-known figures are among those supporting him; they all specifically questioned the point of his apology.

Why do you think Jamie Foxx didn’t need to apologize for his statement?