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Source: Humane Society of Charlotte / Humane Society of Charlotte

Meet our Furry Friday Friends of the Week


Meet Celaena, the stunning little lady with a lush, medium-length brown and black fur coat, complemented by striking green eyes and a set of elegant white whiskers. Affectionate and sociable, she adores chin rubs and will joyfully roll over for more. At 2 years old, she yearns for a forever home, where she can shower love on her new family and receive it in return. Will you be the lucky one to make her dreams come true? Visit the Humane Society of Charlotte to meet Celaena and make a feline friend for life.


Meet Greta, the spirited pup with a love for treats and a zest for life! She’s already learned sit, lay, and paw, making her an ideal candidate for further training. While she might pull on the leash due to her excitement, with some patience, she’ll make the perfect walking companion. Her adoption fee has been sponsored, and if you’re interested, you can reach out to her foster parent to meet this lively and loving companion today! Find Greta through the Humane Society of Charlotte.

Both of these cuties are available