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Source: Amel Uzunovic / Getty

We’ve got a new champion for the most popular baby name for 2023, according to the folks at BabyCenter.

‘Noah’ took the number one spot for boy’s names this year, dethroning three-year champ ‘Liam’, which dropped to No. 2.

The name Noah is of Hebrew origin that means Rest, Peace.

‘Oliver’, ‘Elijah’, and ‘Mateo’ round out the top five.

For girl’s names, the top three remains the same as it was last year – ‘Olivia’, ‘Emma’, and ‘Amelia’, followed by ‘Sophia’ and ‘Charlotte’.

Based on its current trajectory, ‘Charlotte’ is anticipated to be the most popular name for girls in 5 years.

What do you think makes these names so popular?