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Source: Holly Haze / Holly Haze

Meet our Furry Friday Friends of the week!!

MILKSHAKE!! Or as his foster mom likes to call him “Macho Man” (A1205970). Milkshake is an American Bulldog Staffy mix and weighs 65 lbs. He is dog friendly, crate trained, loves car rides, potentially cat friendly(still iffy on this..foster mom has cats and he gets along well with one but not the other!), sometimes noses them too much and they get annoyed but if they swat he backs off! He loves to meet new people and has met a few kids and didn’t jump on them but the older the better for him! He loves to have physical contact when on the couch, he’ll paw you if he’s not getting the attention he thinks he needs! His foster is still working on manners around food. He will always very much prefer it if you share and will attempt to take some from you if you don’t 🙂 He doesn’t bark much in the house but will stare strangers down when they’re at the door. He is strong on a leash, but loves hikes and walks and trips pretty much anywhere!! He’s just a lovely big goofball who thinks he’s a puppy still!

And Rico!!(A1216223) Rico is a Staff lab bully mix and weighs about 50 pounds. He is losing weight at the shelter. He needs a family home soon. Rico had a Daycation recently and was great with everyone he encountered. He is also good with other dogs and wanted to play with them all. He’s best with a harness and could use some training not to pull but settled a little after we walked for a bit. He was good in the car, jumped right in and sat in the back nicely. He appears friendly with cats, takes treats gently and an altogether playful, sweet and handsome boy. He is kennel stressed so the day out was good for him but foster or adoption would be best. Please keep him in mind❤️

Both of these boys are available at Animal Care & Control