Post Pandemic Pets? Well, we are still IN a pandemic per se. Did YOU adopt a pet during the pandemic? There was concern that people would return adopted pets. However, research shows that is not the case, in fact, there is a pet shortage at some shelters, which is a good problem! Pet bonds […]

  Do you name your pets or do the pets name themselves with their personality? When we read books, we often hear dogs referred to as Rover & Spot, but I have never met a dog by those names, or a cat named Fluffy. What have you named your animals? Do you use people or […]

I have had dogs (still do…just adopted Paris, the Siberian Husky 8 months ago….but that’s for another blog, because huskies…wow, just wow.) I have had cats (still do….Tank, my daughter’s cat and Armando, my son’s cat which are essentially MY cats since they live here! but I digress). I have had fish (still do…currently 5)…but […]