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Taylor Swift has already cemented herself (well… in my opinion) as the BEST songwriter of the last many years.  Swift can pen a tune that will have you screaming “Yeah Girl, you don’t need that shady man” OR feeling nostalgic while thinking back to high school and holding hands in the backseat of your parent’s car AND even a great party song to sing at 2am with your friends on your birthday.

But Taylor is the queen at making us cry.  Breakup songs are her forte, but she is known to hit us hard with a sad song from time-to-time.  Anyone who has ever heard her song “Ronan” knows what I’m talking about.  And what better album to re-release this song on to than her upcoming re-recording of “RED” – an album filled with heartbreak and feelings of missing someone.

“Ronan” was a song Taylor wrote (along with Ronan’s mother) around 2012, but never put it on an album.  It was only released on iTunes to raise money and awareness.  Recently Taylor reached out to the mother of the boy named Ronan Thompson, an almost 4-year-old boy who lost his battle with a form of cancer known as neuroblastoma in May 2011.  Of course Ronan’s mother Maya Thompson was more than happy to agree to Taylor’s request, posting on the blog she writes in Ronan’s memory, “I tried my best to articulate how much this meant to me through my tears, but there are not enough words in the English language that will ever be able to appropriately convey my feelings about this. Taylor has anchored you to this world so you will never be lost, and now she has ensured you will forever be safe in a new, permanent home,” she wrote to her late son. “She is once again going to give a voice to the often voiceless, the bereaved parents of the world. ‘Red (Taylor’s version)’ will be out November 19th and on that album, there will be you.”

Taylor Swift goes shopping in Studio City.

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