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2023 BMI Country Awards

Source: Erika Goldring / Getty

Recently, Morgan Wallen called out his former record label for releasing his old tracks without his permission.

Wallen said, “It’s gross, greedy & an example of how the dark side of the music business can suck the soul out of artists.”

He continued, “I cringe when I listen to these songs & I’m concerned my fans may mistakenly believe this is a new release by me.”

He added, “We made 13 songs. Some were ok, most were terrible as I was just learning how to write in general & figuring it all out. I was not the only collaborator, so many of these songs were not my idea nor to my standards. We deemed 5 worthy-enough to make the Stand Alone EP.”

Wallen continued, “For months, I’ve been exploring every avenue possible to acquire the rights to this old music & keep the quality of my catalog consistent with songs I choose to release & believe in. I don’t want to see this happen to anyone else.”

What do you think of these old releases?