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A shopper looks over empty shelves once stocked with Stanley insulated steel tumblers...

Source: Brian van der Brug / Getty

One person has taken the Stanley Cup hype very seriously. TikTok user Holli, a.k.a. @doesnttiktok, recently interviewed with about her collection of Stanley tumblers.

When asked how many of the viral cups she owned, Holli said, “At one time, I had 200. But now, I have 112.”

Claiming that some of the cups she’s owned are “worth a sh*t ton of money,” Holli shared that she has sold a cup for the price of $15 hundred.

She noted, “People try to hate so bad and like, ‘Oh, why do you have so many cups? They’re useless.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, if you could sell them for $1,500, you probably would too.’”

How many Stanley cups do you own?

What do you think the hype is about?

What is the most hyped-up item that you have owned?