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Card in envelope on blue baclground with handwritten text HAPPY VALENTINE 'S DAY, concept of express romantic love and make someone feel special on Valentines's day

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Sometimes it’s not about the money but the thought behind the actions on Valentine’s Day. Here are some things that you can do, on a budget, to show your love. Make them a hearty, yummy breakfast. Leave a note in their coat pocket so they’ll find it randomly. Surprise them with morning sex. Bake their favorite dessert. Make your own game by writing down questions like “Where did we have our first kiss?” and “What’s my favorite movie?” See if your answers match. Print out screenshots of your cutest text messages they probably forgot about. Get word magnets for the fridge, and arrange cute phrases for them to wake up to. Clean their entire place. Fill up their gas tank. Write the ultimate dating bucket list together.

What no-cost Valentine’s surprise are you planning?