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North Carolina ranks 9th in the nation for romance scams, with 422 victims losing $18 million in 2022, according to the FBI.

The rise in romance scams is attributed to the use of artificial intelligence and deep fake technology by scammers.

Victims like Lara Miller in Hickory, NC shared their experiences of being manipulated for money by scammers posing as individuals in need.

A scammer in Africa tried to convince her that he had been injured at work and needed money.

According to Miller via WCNC Charlotte: “He says to me, ‘Oh, I can’t afford the medicine,’” Miller said. She then sent him $50. 

Experts advise being cautious of red flags such as requests for money from unknown individuals online.

Social Catfish, an online tool, helps verify accounts and photos to prevent falling victim to romance scams.

Have you ever been a victim of a scam like this?