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After comments from fans about her “puffy face,” comedian Amy Schumer has revealed that she has Cushing Syndrome. This hormonal disorder comes about after getting steroid injections in high doses.  

During an appearance on The Tonight Show earlier this month, Amy revealed the diagnosis a week after her face looked puffier than usual. 

Initially, Amy said the change in her appearance was due to endometriosis and “medical and hormonal things going on in her world” and stated things were all good.

Then, she came clean on Friday and urged women to be “relentless when fighting for their own health.”  There are several types of Cushing syndrome.

Amy is going through treatment, and her Cushing is that type that will “work itself out.” 

Amy credits the internet for commenting on her appearance for her to realize that something wasn’t right. 

How important is it to pay attention to your body? Do you go to visit the doctor often or not enough?