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European Premiere of "Fifty Shades Darker

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During a recent interview, Jamie Dornan provided an explanation for Fifty Shades of Grey in a ‘kid-friendly’ way.

Dornan said, “I don’t remember,” as he was laughing uncontrollably. He continued, “Yeah I had to [watch them] for press, because they take stuff out in edit, so you don’t want to talk about things that aren’t in there anymore.”

He added about the time he was caught watching the movie alone, “So, I think I watched them all by myself in a theater with like just a security guard.

Which is a really, incredibly awkward scenario to find yourself in. Dornan continued with his kid-friendly version, “Its boy meets girl. Teaches her some stuff. And end up…happy. Yeah, like Harry Met Sally vibes. Over three movies.”

Which movie in the series was the best and why?