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Nick Jonas has opened up about how he stays fit and manages his Type 1 Diabetes. He said, “[Glucose level] not only affects my basic health but my emotional state, mental state.”

Nick says he doesn’t like cardio but loves doing yoga and golf. His dumbbell circuit workout includes 8 reps of pushups, single-leg Romanian Deadlifts, Hammer Curl to Shoulder Press, Front Squat, and then Plank Row.

He will rest for “70 seconds after completing all five movements.

Repeat for 5 total rounds. For extra work, jog or set a treadmill at an incline for a 15 to 30-minute walk.”

He went on to say, “My current fitness goal is to be able to lift my daughter with ease,” he said. “As a parent, it’s a lot of hip hinges down and can be kind of strenuous on the forearms as she gets older and bigger.”

What’s your typical workout routine?