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Christmas Cookie season is here! Bakers are delivering sweet holiday memories by the batch. Does your favorite cookie suggest that you’re naughty or nice?

Snickerdoodle…most likely to show up in a cheesy Christmas sweater. Think adorable puppy in a Santa hat. 
Sugar Cookie… most likely to show up with a card stuffed with cash or a gift car. No frills for this Santa. She might be basic but she’s sweet and reliable. 

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie… most likely to prefer cozying up with a classic holiday movie instead of braving the elements. Tradition is important
Macaroon…. most likely to show up at the holiday party with a sophisticated sparkle. You do the holidays YOUR way. 
Gingersnaps or Gingerbread … most likely to let EVERYBODY know what’s on your Christmas list.  You’re bold and most likely to boss the elves around.
Peanut Butter Cookie… most likely to juggle the holiday shopping, cooking and decorating without freaking out. 
Chocolate Chip Cookie… most likely to receive a ton of holiday party invitations.  You’re loved by everyone because you’re classic and cool just like Santa.