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Ariana Grande Shares BTS Footage of Making “Positions”


I don’t know about you but I’m truly fascinated by the recording process and different artists approach to recording the songs we all know and love.  Ariana Grande gave us a glimpse of that not too long ago showing us how she recorded the outro for “Positions”.  (If you haven’t seen it you can see that here).   Now she’s released video of how she came up with the bridge to the same song.  It looks like this could be a series of her just releasing bread crumbs piece by piece, and if that’s the case I’m ok with it!  Is it a possible tease to another documentary from her?  Who knows but I’m loving all these clips.  To see her add harmonies and runs, to see the gears turning in her head of what she wants to add next, to have the vision of how she wants to piece it all together in the moment is just phenomenal to watch.  Check it out below



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