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Latest episode of The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact of Influence, 69: Gag Order For Alex’s trial Rejected By Judge & Will State Add Death Penalty?

Impact of Influence: The Murdaugh Family Murders Cover Art

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During the hearing for Alex Murdaugh’s murder charge, the State and his defense team agreed on a gag order for all motions filed by either side. The Judge decided to reject their proposal. Our legal analyst, John Snyder, explains to us what that means. John also discusses whether he believes Murdaugh will face the death penalty, what the Slayer Statute is, and if Maggie did hire a divorce attorney, does that attorney have to come forward.

Russell Lafitte, Alex’s banker friend, is indicted federally for among other things money laundering. We break down the charges and how allegedly he and Alex worked together to steal millions of dollars.

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